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Tips on How to Keep Plants Alive in Winter: A Guide for Indoor Plants

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Megaphone Marketing

Ahh winter, those glorious months where it’s acceptable to wear ugg boots and trackies all day! But it’s not just our bodies we need to think about. It’s also important to know how to keep indoor plants warm in winter—because as temperatures drop, they need a lil’ extra attention too. 

Dry air, limited sunlight, and fluctuating temperatures can pose challenges to house plants in the winter. However, with proper care and attention, you can ensure your indoor jungle prospers even during the coldest months. 

Here are our essential tips for keeping your plants alive in winter—and thriving!

How To Keep Plants Alive in Winter

Adjust Watering Frequency. Wondering how often to water plants in winter? It all comes down to monitoring. With indoor heating, the air tends to become drier, leading to faster evaporation of water from the soil. However, despite the dry air, plants may not require as much water as they do in warmer months. Overwatering can lead to root rot, while underwatering can cause stress and wilting—so keep an eye on the soil moisture levels, and water only when the top inch feels dry.

Monitor Humidity Levels. Indoor heating can significantly reduce the humidity levels in your homemuch to the disgust of your moisture-loving plants. To combat this, consider using a humidifier or create humidity trays by placing pebbles in a shallow tray filled with water. As the water evaporates, it increases the humidity around the plants, mimicking their natural environment. And if in doubt, a moisture metre is a fool-proof way to keep things on track!

Provide Adequate Light. With the shorter days and weaker sunlight of winter, it’s important your plants receive enough light to thrive. Place them near south-facing windows for maximum sunlight exposure. If natural light is limited, consider supplementing with grow lights to aid photosynthesis. Rotate your plants regularly to ensure even light distribution and prevent them from leaning towards the light source.

Avoid Drafts. When it comes to how to keep plants alive in winter, drafts from windows, doors, or vents can cause temperature fluctuations and cause them stress. Position your plants away from drafty areas to maintain a stable environment. If you notice cold drafts in your home, consider sealing windows and doors or using draft stoppers to minimise airflow.

Maintain Consistent Temperature. Winter plant care is also about maintaining a consistent temperature in your home. Most indoor plants prefer stable temperatures ranging from 18°C to 24°C, so avoid placing them near heat sources such as radiators or vents, as sudden temperature spikes can shock them. And be mindful of cold drafts or chilly window sills that can expose plants to cold temperatures, causing damage or even (shudder!) death.

Rotate Plants Regularly. Rotating your plants regularly ensures that all sides receive equal sunlight exposure, preventing them from becoming lopsided or leaning towards the light. Aim to rotate them every week or two to promote even growth and encourage good health.

Keep Plants Clean. Dust and debris can accumulate on plant leaves, affecting their ability to photosynthesise effectively. Regularly wipe down the leaves with a damp cloth to remove dust and keep them clean. This not only improves the plant's aesthetic appeal but also allows them to absorb more light and breathe better.

Repot. Repotting your houseplants in winter is a great way to encourage new growth and prevent diseases. Late winter is the best time, as the natural light levels are increasing. Choose a slightly larger pot to provide additional space for roots to expand and access nutrients. Refresh the soil with a fresh, nutrient-rich potting mix and you’ll be setting your plants up for success in spring and beyond!

Choose Hardy Indoor Plants. When it comes to how to keep plants alive in winter, your choice of plant is another consideration. Hardy plants like the Zanzibar Gem or succulents, for example, could be a good choice for colder environments due to their resilience. 

Keen to Grow Plants Indoors in Winter Like a Pro? Let Us Guide You!

While winter may present some challenges for indoor plant care, putting these strategies in place can help you ensure your leafy companions flourish year-round.

And now you know what to do with plants in the winter, why not add to your indoor oasis? The Indoor Plant Co is your go-to destination for a diverse range of indoor plants, from stunning succulents to vibrant flowering varieties. Let us assist you with bringing nature's beauty into your home—Contact our team today!

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