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New To Indoor Plants? Here Are Top Hardy Indoor Plants for Beginners

Written by
Amy Earley

Curious about becoming a plant-parent for the first time? Or do your existing plants shake in their pots when you walk through the door, wondering who’s going to be the next victim? 

You wouldn’t be the first with no idea how to care for indoor plants—and you certainly won’t be the last! Fortunately, there are many hardy plant species that can withstand even the greenest beginners—you just need to know where to look.

So, whether you have a history of having plants not thriving under your care or just eager to enjoy some low maintenance, easy going inside greenery—we’ve got the indoor plants ideas for you.

Choosing the Right Indoor Plants 

First up, if you want to go from plant novice to plant pro, you’ve got to do your due diligence. Research different species to ensure you’re choosing the right plant for: 

  • Your space. Consider the plant’s lighting, temperature, and humidity requirements as these vary between species. Can you provide this in your room, and what extra props might you need to bring in to assist (such as a spray mister to help increase humidity levels)? 
  • Your lifestyle. If you travel a lot, or are time-poor for example—maybe don’t invest in a water-loving fern. Something that thrives off neglect, like a cactus or Zanzibar Gem could be a better choice.
  • Your home decor. A quick flick through a home interior magazine will show you how great certain plants can look with certain décors. Think, the fiddle leaf fig for modern interiors, succulents for boho style, or the rubber plant for minimalist décor. 

If you’re wondering what is the easiest plant to take care of indoors, one of these beauties could be a great option: 

Monstera Deliciosa

Known for its adorable heart shaped leaves that eventually grow into a dramatic ‘swiss cheese’ style, the Monstera Deliciosa thrives on little attention and minimal sunlight. Trust us when we say anyone can grow these plants! 

Give her a little bit of indirect light and water once a week when the soil feels dry, and she’ll be keeping your home pretty and purified for years to come. 

Heart-leaf Philodendron

Looking for apartment plants ideas? The Philodendron could be a winner. This stunning climbing vine is popular due to its tolerance of low light conditions, and easy maintenance.  

Simply water when the soil feels dry or the leaves start to droop, keep it away from direct sun, and liquid feed during the warmer months. 

Arrowhead Plant

While the Arrowhead Plant does like humidity (hello, spray mister!), it’s actually very low maintenance. Its unique, bright variegated arrow shape leaves make it a lovely plant for brightening up any home. 

As one of the easiest plants for beginners, simply keep it in a warm, bright spot without direct sunlight and keep soil moist but not soggy. 

Burgundy Rubber Plant

If you’re wondering what is the easiest plant to grow, the Burgundy Rubber Plant is another leader. Not only does this baby look gorgeous, with it glossy, burgundy paddle-shaped foliage—but it doesn’t need a lot of moisture.

Place it in filtered sunlight, water with lukewarm water when the surface dries out, and mist its leaves to give it the humid environment it loves. It will reward you with being a wonderful air purifier. 


When it comes to plants that don't die easily, you can’t go past a succulent. A symbol of growth and resilience, these hardy indoor plants are effortlessly easy to look after.  

They will need indirect sunlight to thrive, but be really careful of overwatering. A splash once a month in winter, and fortnightly in the warmer months will suffice.

Care and Maintenance Tips 

When it comes to types of houseplants and how to care for them, it’s important to follow the species’ care instructions. However, our top tip is to treat them like family. Because—just like the spouse, the kids, and the pets—plants need TLC too! The key, however, is choosing a species that requires a little less TLC than others. 

Do your research to ensure you understand your plant’s individual needs, but ensure you have the following bases covered: 

  • Proper watering. Careful you’re not watering too little or too much. Overwatering can cause root rot, and it’s a common problem for indoor plants. A good rule of thumb is to water your plants only when the top two inches of soil feel dry.
  • Enough ventilation. You want to try to mimic the plant’s natural environment… which can be hard to do if it’s a rainforest and you live in an inner-city apartment, right!? Start by ensuring enough air is flowing around your plant, with either an opened window or a fan.
  • Regular fertilising. Plants need food too! Choose a good quality indoor plant liquid or water-soluble fertiliser and feed every two to four weeks. 
  • Repot when you see roots coming out the base or if the plant is looking lacklustre. Only plant up one size of pot using premium potting mix, and do it in early spring right before its main growth period.  

Get Low-Maintenance Plants from The Indoor Plant Co.

The above are just a few of the easiest plants to grow indoors. For a more comprehensive list of the low-maintenance options here at The Indoor Plant Co, check out our range online

From simple succulents to flowering plant gifts, and whether you’re after a small plant that is just starting to grow, or a more mature green beauty—we’ve got you covered. If you’d like some guidance on making the right choice, contact our expert team today!

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