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This glossy evergreen beauty offers “umbrella’ like leaves adding a touch of the tropical to your home. It can grow up to 3m tall in the right conditions. This is a fast growing, easy houseplant that really makes a statement. Position - The Umbrella Tree likes to be situated in a warm spot, away from cold draughts or air conditioning, with bright indirect light and high humidity. Water – They like a regular watering (about once a week during Summer and less in Winter) and a liquid feed once a month or so. The leaves will start to droop when its thirsty so you can look out for this sign or wait for the soil to feel dry to approx. 5cm deep. Tips – you can mist the leaves from time to time to create a tropical oasis for your plant!) Safety - All parts of the plant contain toxic compounds including insoluble calcium oxalate crystals, saponins and terpenoids. If a pet chews on an Umbrella Tree these compounds are released causing irritation. Keep out of reach of small children and pets Difficulty - Easy
Umbrella Plant