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These offer a spectaculara array of foliage markings, Marantas have a sprawling growth habit and are ground covers in the wild tropical rainforests, so they tend ot grow outwards rather than taller. Know as the prayer plant because their leaves curl up at night time, folded into a vertical prayer like hand, and then re-open with the sunlight. Position – They thrive in a warm, humid position with medium filtered to soft light. Too much sunlight will cause the colours on the foliage to fade and become softer. Water – If the potting mix feels dry and the leaves look limp, it’s time to water your Maranta. If the leaves are too dry they develop brown dry edges. Tips – Maranta leaves are constantly moving up and down, they are fascinating to watch them as they as the light moves! Safety - These plants are non-toxic to both cats and dogs. But the best practice is always to keep indoor plants out of reach of small children and pets Difficulty -Medium
Prayer Plant