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This climbing vine has the classic swiss cheese style of foliage. Capable of growing up to 6m tall in the right conditions, so it will need support from a totem or moss pole as it gets bigger. One of those houseplants that every collector needs to have! Position - Happy in a warm spot away from draughts and with indirect light, low to medium light levels are fine. Water - Keep the plant in well drained soil, never allow to sit in soggy wet soil, water about once a week or when the plant looks a little lack lustre. Less water will be needed though the Winter as it goes into semi dormancy Tips - To get a more bushy plant, prune back the tips of the vine to a node and this will encourage it to sprout two or more new shoots from where it was trimmed. Or you can cut back the vine, remove all the leaves apart from the top few and place the exposed leave nodes into the soil beside the original plant and kept moist a whole new plant should grow from this cutting. Safety - Can cause serious mouth and digestive irritation if consumed by pets or humans. The best practice is always to keep houseplants out of reach of small children and pets Difficulty - Medium
Monstera Monkey Mask Plant