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This is an indoor plant that everyone knows and loves for it's distinctive shape holey leaves, the juvenile leaves start out as cute little heart shapes and eventually grow into the huge great big iconic segregated leaves. Position - Pretty happy in most places with low to medium to bright light levels, just keep away from harsh direct sunlight that will burn and discolour the leaves. Water - You can tell when this indoor plant needs a drink as the leaves will droop and loose their glossiness. You can feel the potting mix and if it is dry 5cm deep then it needs watering. Ensure it drains well and does not have soggy roots. Generally about once a fortnight, more when the weather is hot, less in Winter. Tips - Monstera's produce arial roots to help it cling (to trees in the rain forest) so you can use these as cuttings to produce more plants if you like, or give your plant a helping hand with a totem moss pole for it to attach to as it gets bigger. Can grow up to 3 metres tall in the right conditions. Safety - Can cause serious mouth and digestive irritation if consumed by pets or humans. The best practice is always to keep houseplants out of reach of small children and pets Difficulty - Easy care
Monstera Deliciosa plant