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You can probably guess why this plant is called ‘Elephant Ears’, with its striking big foliage, and as it grows pot it on and those leaves can get huge! An impressive additional to anyone’s indoor plant collection. Perfect for adding a tropical feel to your home. Their large leaves absorb airborne chemicals, bacteria, mould spores & carbon dioxide and breath out oxygen. Position - This plant likes partial shade, but can also be grown in deep shade Water – Keep moist, and well drained with frequent watering (don’t leave standing in water though, allow it to drain well) Tips – Dry air can make them prone to attack by pests, so misting the plant regularly can help this. Fertilise through the warm months with half strength liquid feed, or with a slow release fertiliser. Safety - Alocasias Are Toxic To Pets. Keep out of reach of small children and pets Difficulty - Medium
Elephant Ears Plant