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Diffenbachia are gorgeous plants with a range of different types of foliage, offering big generous leaves that create the perfect tropical look. Position - Dieffenbachia prefers warm constant temperature above 20 degrees C. Avoid cold drafts, air conditioning, heaters too close and sudden temperature changes. Water - Diffenbachia have thin roots, so it can't tolerate wet soil for too long, but it also doesn't store a lot of moisture either. So you should water your Dieffenbachia regularly, but not too often. Once per week or once every two weeks is usually the right time to water your plant in the warmer months, less in the Winter. Safety - Can cause serious mouth and digestive irritation if consumed by pets or humans. The best practice is always to keep houseplants out of reach of small children and pets Tips - Fertilise your Dieffenbachia once per month during the spring and summer with a houseplant liquid feed. Difficulty - Medium
Diffenbachia Plant