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A classic Autumn flowering indoor plant that will brighten anyone's day. Offering vibrant flowers above beautiful leathery grey-green foliage. It has unique sweet-scented, small blooms on long stems that stretch up above the leaves, in pinks, reds, purples and whites. Position – Cyclamen can grow indoors or outdoors, as a houseplant they will enjoy a cool shaded spot, under 20C ideally, away from heaters. They will flowers throughout the cooler months in the right conditions. The Plant will go dormant in Summer, so place outside after flowering in a cool shady spot and keep dry (with minimal watering) until Autumn when the bulb will sprout new growth and flower again. Water –Water from the base of the pot about once a week, because the leaves and flowers do not like to get wet. A good indication that it is time to water your cyclamen is when the flowers start to droop a little, but they will perk up quickly with a good drink! The leaves and flowers do not like to get wet Tips – Remove spent flowers at the base to encourage new growth. Old leaves will yellow, this is natural and they can be removed to restore the plant’s beauty. Safety - Toxic if consumed by pets or humans. The best practice is always to keep houseplants out of reach of small children and pets. Difficulty - Easy
Cyclamen Plant