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This plant features stunning tropical foliage, the leaves are long ovals, pewter-grey on top with purple undersides. Position - Pop this indoor plant in a shady spot in your home, away from harsh direct sunlight which will brown the leaves. Water - water regularly or when the top inch of soil feels dry (about once a week in hot weather and once a fortnight during the winter). The leaves will curl up to let you know it is feeling thirsty Tips -Grey Star enjoys humid air, so mist regularly if air humidity is low. Apply a slow release fertiliser yearly and liquid feed every three months for vibrant healthy foliage. Pruning isn't required, simply remove the old leaves for a quick tidy up as and when required. Safety - Will cause mouth and digestive irritation if consumed by pets or humans. The best practice is always to keep houseplants out of reach of small children and pets Difficulty - Easy care.
Ctenanthe Grey Star