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This indoor plant has stunning feature foliage, a low growing Calathea with a compact habit with narrow green leaves with dark green veins. Ideal for small pots and life indoors in our homes. Position - Calatheas can tolerate fairly low light levels, but move to a brighter spot to get better colouring on the leaves, avoid direct sun. Water - Water regularly or when the indoor plant ‘tells’ you its thirsty by looking a little droopy or the leaves curl up. Water more during the hotter months and less in the cooler months. Tips - Calatheas enjoy high humidity so the bathroom is a good position to have them, or they will enjoy a regularly misting. The edge of the leaves can become brown if the air around them is too dry, but just trim this off and a new leaf will be along sooner or later! Safety - Non-Toxic to dogs and cats, safe for them to be around. Difficulty - Medium
Calathea Freddie