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This classic fern has classic lush green foliage with elongated undulating fronds unfurling from the centre. A real tropical statement in pots for indoor planting. Looks good in a hanging feature basket. Position - Indoors, ensure the plant is kept in a spot that is shaded from direct sunlight. (Can also be planted outside in a sheltered, damp, shady spot). Water – This is not a plant, like many indoor plants, that likes to dry out, always keep the soil moist to the touch, but not water-logged for a happy plant. Tips – Trim away any old or browning foliage to encourage new growth in the Spring. Liquid fertilise during the growing season (Spring and Summer) and allow a degree of dormancy during the Winter (reduce watering and feeding during this time). Safety - Safe for pets. But the best practice is always to keep houseplants out of reach of small children and pets Difficulty -Medium
Boston Fern