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This Australian native fern originally found in the rainforests in the northern tropics, offers stunning structural, glossy bright green leathery leaves. The Birds Nest fern is a must have for any seasoned plant lover or those new to the world of indoor plants. Position - This indoor plant will not require a lot of attention, simply place in a shady spot in your home and keep the humidity levels high by misting from time to time (it loves being in bathrooms). Keep away from direct sunlight which will burn the leaves of the Birds Nest Feern. Water - They like a good amount of water so keep moist but avoid watering directing into the crown (centre) of the leaves, so watering from below or directly into the surrounding potting mix. Tips - Liquid feed your Bird Nest Fern at half strength during the growing season (the warmer months) to keep the foliage unfurling with curly new fronds. Difficulty - Medium
Birds Net Fern