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This is a no fuss, easy plant with gorgeous thick spoon shaped bright green or variegated leaves. These plants will thrive despite neglect and can live for six or more years if grown under the right conditions. Peperomia are a highly beneficial plants, know to purify the air and substantially remove toxins such as formaldehyde from our environments. The perfect indoor plant! Position - They like bright indirect light. Will not tolerate low light levels Water - be sure to water when the top inch of soil becomes dry. Just don't ever leave the plant pot sitting in water, always make sure excess water has drained away. They wont need much water as they store liquid in their succulent type leaves. Tips – Tip prune from time to time to ensure bushy growth and to avoid the plant getting leggy Safety - Non-Toxic to dogs and cats, safe for them to be around. Difficulty – Easy
Baby Rubber Plant