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Showy, silver-splashed leaves make the Aluminium Plant a stunning and popular house plant. Silvery streaks mark each leaf, adding a dramatic metallic design to its quilted texture. These unusual patterns give this plant another common name, watermelon pilea Position - Keep your Aluminium Plant in bright light, the foliage will lose its variegation if the light level is too low. It's a good idea to place it in bright, filtered sunlight all year-round. The stems will stretch towards the light, so turn the pot to ensure upright foliage. Water - Water sparingly because it won't tolerate soggy soil which causes root rot. Aim to keep the soil lightly moist during the growing season. Tips - As it matures your Aluminium Plant will drop its lower leaves, this is normal, but cut back older stems in spring to prevent the plant looking “leggy” and to encourage fresh growth. Safety - Non-Toxic to dogs and cats, safe for them to be around. Difficulty - Medium
Aluminium Plant