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Which is the best indoor plant?

We are often asked to name the best indoor plant. And our honest answer is that there are many amazing plants that deserve to win first place

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite indoor plants, along with tips to help you care for them.


Ferns are a definite contender for best indoor plant, thanks to their lush green foliage and striking appearance

Ferns come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. Maidenhair ferns are a clear favourite, thanks to their delicate leaves and beautiful texture. They like warm positions away from direct sunlight and cold draughts. Classic varieties like the Boston Fern can be placed on a high shelf or hung from the ceiling, allowing the fronds to dangle down elegantly. The Silver Lady Fern has classic fronds that grow out from the centre in a stunning rosette shape, and it is the perfect centrepiece for a table. Fern Duffi, with its small button-like and lemon-scented leaves, adds texture to an indoor plant collection.

Is the Silver Ribbon fern the best indoor plant

The Silver Ribbon Fern makes an impact with its graceful green-edged and pale-centered leaflets. Phew! There really is a fern for every space. Ferns generally thrive in shaded spots and bright indirect light. Water ferns regularly and let the excess water drain out.  

Peace Lily

Is the Peace Lily the best indoor plant

Peace Lilies purify the air and are super easy to look after, which is why they are often considered the best indoor plant

The Peace Lily has excellent air-purifying abilities. A NASA study found that the Peace Lily may remove air pollutants from our homes. In our opinion that is reason enough for the Peace Lily to be named best indoor plant. But there’s more! Placed in a powder room, a Peace Lily may help remove ammonia to rid your home of unwanted odours. The Peace Lily produces tall and slender white flowers, which often bloom in spring. It has extremely elegant and glossy leaves. Peace Lilies like a warm position that’s away from the harsh midday sun. Water your plant weekly over summer and fortnightly in winter and with rain water if possible. Dust the leaves to enhance their beauty.

Monstera Deliciosa

Is Monstera deliciosa the best indoor plant

The Monstera Deliciosa makes a big impact and it can handle some neglect. It’s regularly ranked best indoor plant

The Monstera Deliciosa, or Swiss Cheese Plant, is the darling of indoor plant enthusiasts. You’ll find this popular plant in hip cafes, creative studios and stylish homes. And it is no wonder why. Adding a Monstera Deliciosa to your collection instantly creates a jungle vibe. The gorgeous leaves are large and sculptural, and the vines can be trained to climb up a totem. Like other plants on this best indoor plant list, it helps purify the air in your home. Choose the Mini Monstera if you want to save on space. Place your Monstera Deliciosa in a bright spot away from direct sunlight, and water it when the soil feels dry. 


Is Philodendron the best indoor plant 

Philodendrons are undemanding and reward their owner with beautiful lush foliage. Could this be the best indoor plant?

Once you learn how effortless it is to care for Philodendrons, you will want to start collecting them. Adding new Philodendrons to your indoor jungle is easy and fun, given how many varieties you can choose from. The Heart Leaf Philodendron can be trained to climb up a support (see image above).

Is Philodendron Birkin the best indoor plant

The rare Philodendron Birkin is a compact indoor plant with lush striped leaves, and is perfect for smaller spaces. Philodendrons require low to moderate levels of water, and they like a shady position. A liquid feed every two months will keep them looking lovely and shiny.

Devil’s Ivy

Is devils ivy the best indoor plant 

Devil’s Ivy thrives in almost all environments. We recommend this hardy indoor plant to beginners   

Devil’s Ivy, or Pothos, has vibrant green and yellow foliage and makes a real impact! Dangle the vines from a shelf or table, trail them up a support, or have the vines climb your wall. It’s your choice! The Devil’s Ivy is fast growing, and it’s an excellent plant for adding colour and life to your home.

Is devils ivy the best indoor plant

This plant is super popular with indoor plant beginners and those with a green thumb, because it is simple to look after and will thrive in a range of conditions. Only water your Devil’s Ivy when the soil feels dry. Many plant aficionados will tell you this is the best indoor plant. 

Rubber Plant

Is Rubber Plant the best indoor plant

Rubber Plants have large glossy leaves and make an excellent focal point in an indoor plant display 

We are obsessed with the Rubber Plant. It’s an exotic indoor plant that will become a talking point in your home. It’s great for improving air quality and it can absorb nasty chemicals in your home. Rubber Plants come in a variety of colours including moody burgundy, rich green and variegated red, yellow, cream and green.

Enjoy watching your Rubber Plant grow into a small tree, and prune as needed. Dust the paddle-shaped leaves occasionally to reveal their shine. The Rubber Plant likes a bright, warm position out of the harsh sun. They love bathrooms for their humidity! Water your plant when the soil feels dry.

The best indoor plant is the one you love! 

Indoor plants are happy and healthy when they’re treated with love and care. Have a read of the plant care instructions in our shop pages. We can help you find the perfect position in your home for our indoor plants, and we provide tips on watering and feeding your indoor plant.

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