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Freshen Up Your Home Office With our Melbourne Plant Delivery Service

Written by
Amy Earley

Plants look great and are affordable, rewarding to care for and a mood booster. In fact, it's hard to think of a lovelier gift for a home office. Read on to learn how to choose the perfect work companion.

Reasons why plants are the best desk buddy Besides making your space look on trend and Instagram worthy, there's a heap of health benefits. Plants remove CO2 and produce the oxygen we breathe in. They absorb nasty chemicals like VOCs, which can come from everyday items like furniture and paints, and help remove airborne pollutants. The result being fresher, cleaner air.

There are countless studies about plants reducing stress and negative emotions, boosting productivity and making us feel more alert. It's easy to see why plants are good for our work spaces, and the best news is one desk plant can make all the difference.

How to choose the perfect indoor plant for your home office

Pick the right conditions and your plant will love you. Warm, sunny rooms are great for tropical and warm climate species. Our Monstera Deliciosa and Monstera Minima, Burgundy Rubber Plant, Alocasia Cucullata and Peperomia Obtusifolia are all great options take a look in The Shop for more info. Just set them back a little from your window, as direct sun burns their leaves.

Shady rooms that don't get much sunlight, suit woodland and forest dwellers like English Ivy and Bird's Nest Fern. Next to a North facing window, is the perfect position. 

Plant novices can't go wrong with a Peace Lily or a Parlour Palm as they're super easy to care for and can adapt to most positions (except in direct sun).

Top tips for home office plant care - Avoid placing plants right under air conditioning and heating vents. - Treat your plant to room temperature tap water, that's been sitting in a glass overnight. - Dust the leaves if they look dull, and if you're really keen you can mist them too. - Follow the easy care instructions in our shop pages.

Plant delivery made extra special Our plants make the perfect gift. Each comes with a ceramic pot in the colour of your choice, unique gift wrap and a personalised gift card. We do contactless delivery 7 days a week, to any address in Melbourne. Visit our shop to order an indoor plant for a home office. Click here to see the full range

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