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Birthday Gift Delivery in Melbourne

What Should You Give on Her Special Day?

Gift-giving happens all year round — from birthday celebrations, wedding anniversaries, holidays to just-because moments. Yet, you still find yourself scrambling to figure out the perfect gift for your loved ones.
As you search across the internet finding the perfect birthday gift delivery in Melbourne, you will find dozens of gift boutiques offering different products. So, now what? Spice up your gift-giving antics and wrap a present that will stand the test of time. Try to impress your girlfriend by being atypical. Instead of giving her a bouquet, why not give her living plants?
Below are a few ideas to get you started. All of these gift ideas are unique and quirky! They’re always a hit and will definitely make your girl smile from ear to ear.

A Potted Echeveria Burgundy

The lovely, dark rosette Echevaria Burgundy comes as a unique birthday present. Its smooth glossy red foliage symbolises love and passion, just like your bright red roses. But what makes it extra special? It’s doesn’t wither after a couple of days. So, it comes as a more meaningful and ingenious way to show your appreciation for the love of your life.
This radiant red succulent complements any colour palette, making it a great addition to any room. It’s also great for inexperienced gardeners since it is incredibly easy to care for, and it also tolerates drought well.
Plant Care:
Like most succulents, a potted Echeveria Burgundy requires excellent drainage and infrequent watering to prevent rot. To protect the plants from freezing temperatures, you can place it indoors during the winter season. This plant does not also require pruning, but you may pinch off damaged leaves if needed.

Phalaenopsis Orchid Because Nobody Says No to Flowers

What’s better than a bouquet of lilies? Moth orchids! They’re the classic favourite. Whether your significant other is into plants or not, she’ll be happy to receive such a lovely present. These flowering beauties can be kept alive by even the most abysmal gardeners. So, no green thumb needed.
They make excellent gifts for several reasons. They bloom beautiful bright flowers that last for a long time. They’re easy to care for, visually pleasing, and easily transported. It’s no question that it’s one of the perfect birthday gifts for delivery in Melbourne.
Plant Care:
To take good care of your Moth Orchids, you must place them in a moderately bright windowsill. If you don’t have a windowsill, you can put them in a spot with adequate sunlight. Water it when it begins to dry out, which is usually every seven to ten days. Remember to keep the blooms dry and only water the roots.

Surprise Her with Monstera Deliciosa

One of the most popular indoor plants, Monstera Deliciosa has unusual leaves with “Swiss Cheese” holes or slats. It is relatively easy to care for and perfect for any indoor spaces. Whenever you give a potted Monstera Deliciosa, you’re sharing a pot of good luck, since it is believed that this plant provides good feng shui energy.
lant Care:
While many assume that this plant requires a lot of care, you’ll be pleased to know that it isn’t high maintenance. This means a novice indoor plant lover can grow this plant. Water it once a week from the base. To keep the leaves beautiful and glossy, you also need to do a quick wipe of damp cloth once a month.

Not Up for Plants? No Problem.

Probably your girlfriend doesn’t have the time to take good care of plants, or she’s got too many. Whatever the case may be, these ideas are always a win for your next birthday gift delivery in Melbourne.
Something for the Sweet Tooth - French Chocolate Truffles
Is she a fan of premium chocolate? Well, this comes as a perfect gift. Jacquot is one of the most prestigious French chocolate brands offering traditional chocolate truffles. This luxurious treat is made from the finest cocoa beans. Every package is carefully wrapped with natural raffia ribbon and presented in an exquisite golden box.
A Gardening Book Because She Loves Plants and Books
When her apartment is full of plants, don’t crowd her space with some more, instead wrap her a present that will help her care for her plants. The Little Book of House Plants is an interesting little coffee table book. It gives extensive information about the care needs of over 60 different indoor plant species, from the Monstera Deliciosa to the watermelon peperomia.
The rich taste melts in your mouth, and the traditional dark cocoa powder dusting adds a unique kick of flavour that’s oh-so-delicious!
Coffee Package for the Coffee Enthusiast
Does she love drinking coffee? Then give her the Coffee Lovers Gift Pack. This package is complete with all the coffee essentials. When you buy this package for her, she’ll receive a box that consists of:
  • 1 x Kavari Organic Coffee Body Scrub
  • 1 x Bailey Brasilia Coffee, 250g of Arabica beans
  • 1 x Koko Black Chatter Beans
  • 1 x 120g Coffee cup candle
It also comes with a 100-120mm diameter plant, 120mm diameter ceramic pot, gift wrap, and a card with your thoughtful message.