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Best Indoor Plant Gifts for Mother’s Day

Best Indoor Plant Gifts for Mother’s Day

Why not give a gift that grows this Mother’s Day? Here’s our guide to the best Indoor Plant Gifts for Mum.

Mother’s Day is creeping up on us, it’s just around the corner on Sunday 9th of May and what better way to say I LOVE you than with a gorgeous botanical gift from The Indoor Plant Co, delivered directly to her door on the day to give her a huge surprise?

All our gifts come wrapped in heaps of luscious gift wrap, all tied up with lots of ribbons for that extra wow factor on arrival, accompanied by a personalised, hand written card with your own message to Mum.

Some of us are still unable to be with our loved ones on this special day and we know it’s not quite the same until we‘re all reunited with our families, but an indoor plant gift goes a long way to cheering anyone up and is the perfect way to celebrate growth and look to the future.

We have a range of indoor plant gifts for every budget from a small but perfectly formed indoor plant to a luxury gift bundle, whatever you choose we’re confident she will cherish the indoor plant and goodies that arrive on Mother’s Day.

What Indoor Plants make the Best Gifts for Mother’s Day?

Houseplants in our opinion make the ultimate Mother’s Day presents because there are just so many to choose from. From hardy indoor plants full of foliage to more delicate plants, there’s something for everyone – even if that someone doesn’t realise she loves plants yet! View our full range of indoor plant gifts here

We know it is very hard to choose, so here’s a shortlist of our favourite indoor plants that we think make the best gifts for Mother’s day:

Philodendron Birkin

This outstanding rare indoor plant is a wonderful gift, offering stunning foliage in lush greens, striped with white, a sure winner to add to Mum’s houseplant collection.

 Best Indoor Plant Gifts for Mother's Day

Philodendron Hope

Mum will adore this indoor plant that as the name suggests aspires hope in all of us that we will all be able to celebrate Mother’s Day together in years to come. Wrapped and delivered to her door, she will love this beauty.

Best Indoor Plant Gifts for Mother's Day


Chinese Money Plant

A traditional symbol of love and prosperity this indoor plant has been the perfect gift for many in the past and continues to be loved for its quirky money shaped succulent leaves. An easy care indoor plant gift that Mum can adore for years to come.

Best Indoor Plant Gifts for Mother's Day

House Selection of Three

Still not sure which plant to go for? Then leave it to us and we will select three of our best looking plants, arrange them in ceramic pots in a colour of your choice and wrap them into a big gift wrapped bundle of green love that will be delivered to her door on Mother’s Day.

Best Indoor Plant Gifts for Mother's Day


The Ultimate Indoor Plant Gifts Packs for Mum

Want to splash out and really treat Mum this Mother’s Day? The Indoor Plant Co has a range of curated gift packs with lots of extra goodies to spoil your loved ones:

See the full range of gift packs here

Or take a look at our hand-picked shortlist of indoor plant gift packs below:

Warburton Wellness Gift Pack

Full of locally sourced vegan and organic hand and body products selected from our friends out in the Yarra Valley at Warbotanicals and Natural Simplicity, alongside one of our green indoor plant friends, this is the ideal indoor plant gift bundle for Mum.

Best Indoor Plant Gifts for Mother's Day


The Plant Lover’s Pack

One for the Mum’s with a green thumb or even just a budding interest in indoor plants. This gift pack has everything a plant lover could ever possibly need to tend to their collection of houseplants (and of course add in a fresh new indoor plant as well). We will select the best looking plant from our 130mm diameter range or you can choose to upgrade to a bigger plant from our 180mm diameter range. This perfect Mother’s Day gift pack includes, plant food from Doctor Plant, indoor plant snipers, a mister and a gorgeous hard back book all about caring for indoor plants by Emma Sibley.

Best Indoor Plant Gifts for Mother's Day

 Coffee Lover’s Pack

Is your Mum located in Melbourne, well in that case she is sure to love coffee! You just can’t go wrong with an indoor plant gift accompanied by some gorgeous coffee add-ons. Inclusive of a Kavari Coffee Body Scrub which is hand made in Country Victoria with a blend of almond and coconut oils. A pack of Honeybird coffee that is freshly roasted and ground in Mount Beauty in Victoria's high country. Delight your Mum’s taste buds with a pack of Chocovia Milk Chocolate coated coffee beans. As well as a vanilla scented coffee cup candle that can be washed and re-used for drinking coffee after the candle in finished. A gorgeous gift bundle to delight Mum on Mother’s day.

Best Indoor Plant Gifts for Mother's Day

Add a little something extra…

If you’re looking to go the extra mile this Mother’s Day, why not create your very own gift selection and pick a mini add-on you think your mum will love that will be gift wrapped in with your indoor plant? We have chocolates, leaf earrings, cookies and more…view the full range of Extras here