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A Profile of a Parlour Palm

The Parlour Palm or Chamaedorea Elegans is one of our favourite plants and it has been one of the most loved indoor plants for centuries and it certainly deserves its revived popularity today.

Since the Victorian's embraced this sign of luxury and wealth into their homes the parlour palm has continued to be a favourite amongst plant fans. It’s not hard to see why it has survived the test of time. It is an easy care, hardy and robust plant, looking lush and tropical all year around.

The added bonus is that is not fussy about its conditions and it is forgiving to even the most novice of indoor gardeners. They require indirect light and can even brighten up a dark spot in your home, only needing to be watered infrequently (check if the top inch of soil is dry and this will indicate if they need a drink). It can in fact even tolerate a cold spot where other plants would be miserable.

So, there is no excuse not to love the Parlour Palm with its big tropical fronds, we certainly do.