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Four Adorable Things Plant Fans Will Love

Are you looking for a way to impress your friend, who has a green thumb? Or are you planning to surprise your girlfriend while staying physically distant? Well, good news, we found a way to send your love. And the only things you’ll need are your phone and the internet. Introducing The Indoor Plant Co’s gift delivery in Melbourne: the best way to make your plant-loving friends love you even more!

Flowers, gift boxes, and chocolate deliveries in Melbourne are great ways to express your appreciation. But what’s more thoughtful and exciting than giving your loved ones a thing that screams their hobbies.

From anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, apologies, and just-because gifts to every little celebration, The Indoor Plant Co offers a unique selection of items for every plant lover.

What Plant Lovers Truly Love!

Yes, you love the quintessential classics. Cookie and cupcake delivery in Melbourne always have a special place in your hearts, but so much with all that typical gift ideas. Why not explore and give something interesting? Take chances on the new and vibrant things your plant-loving pals will love.

1. Real plants to add to their growing collection

For the perfect indoor aesthetic, you can give your friends an old-fashioned indoor plant. Your friends will smile from ear to ear as they unwrap a unique and fun present! Because for your friends, there is no such thing as too many plants.

Choose from The Indoor Plant Co’s beautiful range of plants, including:

Rubber Plant

One of the most popular ornamental plants, the rubber plant (Ficus Elastica) is a small indoor tree with broad shiny attractive leaves. You can decorate it as a centrepiece on a table, on a shelf, or a windowsill. As it begins to grow above 3ft, it looks exceptionally stunning standing next to a fireplace, lounge, or near doors.

Like most indoor plants, the rubber plant is quite easy to maintain. It can grow well on low light. That is why your friends will appreciate this new addition to their growing plant collection.

Variegated English Ivy

When it comes to indoor plants, a variegated ivy plant is a showstopper. It can add some sparkle and jazz up any room with its leaves.
The variegated English ivy is a vigorous, spreading evergreen woody ornamental vine, making it a pleasing adornment to any room. Since it is a versatile houseplant, you can grow it in many different situations. What’s more? You can even form a distinct shape from this plant through topiary. At The Indoor Plant Co, you can either pick a circle or heart-shaped ivy.
Bird’s Nest Fern
Are your friends slowly turning their home into a haven for plants? The bird’s nest is a great must-have. This leathery-leaved, lush green fern finds its home in humid environments naturally. It is not hard to take care of. In fact, it makes a fantastic houseplant because it requires low maintenance. It is also a perfect gift for beginners who want to have a knack for taking care of indoor plants.
Whether you’re buying the ivies or ferns, every plant at The Indoor Plant Co is carefully potted and beautifully presented in a ceramic pot. These plants are ideal for any home, or even to spruce up an office space. To order, avail of our hassle-free gift delivery in Melbourne.
2. Different tools and accessories to help them grow their plants
Are you wondering what else to give? When you think they’ve got too many plants to take good care of, a thoughtful and useful gift would be tools and accessories to help them grow their plants.
At The Indoor Plant Co, we stock high-quality tools, such as the delicate indoor plant scissors. It has a traditional black colour that gives them a vintage look.
The product is made from full carbon steel, making it perfect for delicate indoor gardening. You can use it for snipping, shearing, or pruning your indoor plants. Every pair of scissors comes with a brown protective pouch.
3. The aroma of floral fragrances and candles, just like a beautiful garden scent
Every plant lover loves to experience the fragrance of a beautiful garden. Share the experience with your phytophile friends and give them The Indoor Plant Co’s Peach and Honeysuckle Luxury Fragrance Diffuser.
The luxurious Keri diffuser collection features a sweet floral aroma. The honeysuckle and peach combination gives off a delicate scent that reminds anyone of a beautiful garden. Every product includes eight reeds and 200mL of fragrance that has a three-month scent life.
4. A gift voucher for plants and more
Are you having a hard time thinking of the perfect gift? Can't decide what to buy? Why not let your lucky recipient choose for themselves instead? Buy them a gift voucher from The Indoor Plant Co.
Be a funny and earnest giver by personalising your voucher. Add a cute photo of yourself and pen a special message for your friend. We will send the gift vouchers via email on the date of your choosing. What a great and speedy gift delivered straight to their inbox!
Pass on the love today, and order an exciting gift for your plant-loving friends. At The Indoor Plant Co, we make the experience of giving a plant easy and beautiful.
Whether it’s for your anniversary or a birthday gift delivery in Melbourne, share a timeless gift perfect for any occasion.
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